Done in a Day VIP Experience

Your copy…done by 5

Go ahead, skip the line & come party inside the velvet ropes.

Chances are, you write all day, every day…emails, texts, social posts, letters to your kid’s teacher apologizing for being late for the 4th time this week…

…Allllll of the copy for your business…

The truth is, you’re more than savvy enough to sling some words together and do it well.

But I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…

Come close (don’t worry, I brushed my teeth)…

The thing about copywriting is: It has nothing to do with writing

(even though my parents still think I’m a “writer” because they have no idea what I actually do.)

It’s not about clever metaphors, alliteration, paragraph structure, or even grammar.


Your copy is the salesperson that works in your business 24/7.

And the psychology of sales words is a little bit of an art and a little bit of a science.

Truly compelling and convincing messaging is a finely tuned balance of personality & persuasion.

You’ve gotta nail your voice and readability factor so your reader feels like they’re sitting down to coffee with an old friend.

But you’ve also gotta lay out a clear, cohesive, and compelling sales argument to help them make a decision.

And the truth is, there’s a bunch of reasons your copy might be a little less “take my credit card now!” and more, “nah, I’m good…”

Maybe your messaging isn’t as clear as it could be, maybe it needs a big injection of personality, or maybe you need to reorder your sales arguments.

The only way to know for sure is to dive right in and have a look!

My VIP day was so good.

My VIP day was so good. Everything. From her personal touch, to the relief at finding “my person” to my epic trust in her to represent my brand so well, to the very organized nuts and bolts of the whole process. I actually didn’t want to give her a testimonial because I don’t want anyone to know how talented she is because I want her all to myself.

Now I have a welcome flow that puts a stake in the ground for who I am and what I am selling. The first email I sent out had an 49.1% open rate! I’ve got good messaging that I can use and reuse. I can’t wait to work with her again. I will make crap up just to get the opportunity to work with her!

~ Renee Wood’s, The Comfort Company

When you hire the BMcB team for the day you get the star treatment..without the wait or 5-figure investment.

If you wanna skip the waitlist, or hold off on the 5-figure investment—this is the right package for you.

A VIP day IS perfect for you if…

As you’ve grown & optimized, you’ve ended up with a bit of a Franken-funnel.

It might be converting(ish) but it’s giving your readers major whiplash. Whether your copy has more personalities than Sybil or your arguments are all over the map, ya just need cohesive messaging that guides your readers seamlessly from point A to point Buyer with full confidence and clarity.

Like Ross Geller, your brand has had a pivot or two.

And, like the bread in my pantry, some of your messaging has reached its expiration date. It just doesn’t apply to your new offers, your new outlook on life, your new values, and your new brand. It’s time to update those sales words to reflect the new conversations your brand wants to have with your audience.

You’ve got some beta copy for your new offer and you’re ready to fully flesh out that new sales page or email funnel.

We might only be able to tackle one or the other, but we can take your “version 1” copy to “this shit is good, let’s run some ads and scale it tomorrow” copy.

Every time you launch, your inbox is filled with questions about your offer.

You’ve been as clear as you possibly can and you still feel like you’re taking crazy pills with all of the questions coming in. Whether they don’t know if it’s a good fit, they’re confused about the contents, or they don’t seem to understand the big promise you’re delivering–there’s a major disconnect going on between what you’re putting down and what they’re picking up. With an outside perspective from someone who lives in the mind of consumers all day, every day, we know how to say what people need to hear (and what you want them to hear) in the way that they understand it best.

A VIP day is perfect for your already written Website, Sales Funnel, Email Sequences, Sales Page, Landing Pages, Lead Magnets, Facebook Ads.

The VIP experience is NOT a good fit for you if:

This is your make-or-break copy, you need it to convert and convert high.

While I can promise you’ll have all of our focus, experience, insider industry knowledge, and expertise…I can’t guarantee the ROI on the VIP day copy. A deep dive into your audience research is the best way to diagnose and improve messaging for conversions. If you’re ready to make this piece of copy your bread and butter so you can scale up in a big way, then let’s chat about working on your project together!

You don’t know your people like the back of your hand.

Conversions live and die with your audience. If you haven’t studied your people long enough to know their every move, then you might struggle to see ROI, even from the lower ticket package. When we work together with the whole shebang we can do the necessary detective work to dig deep, find out what’s really going on in your people’s world, and uncover the exact messaging they need to know, understand, and believe that your offer is the thing they need to solve their problem.

You need a massive funnel. Even with a typing speed of 73 WMP, there’s only so much writing 2 people can do in 6 hours.

We can’t promise a certain number of words by the end of the day, but a day rate will typically get you the majority of a sales page, an email sequence, 2-4 web pages, or a full ads campaign. If you need a start to finish funnel then we’re gonna need a bigger boat. Go ahead and apply here to work with us on your next money-making launch.