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The BMcB Toolbox

A good number of these tools are free-e-e & yup those are affiliate links (because we only promote the things we use, recommend, and love.)

The one-stop-shop CRM we use for all of our client projects
The perfect project management tool for large projects and small teams (we used and loved Trello for the first three years)
As our team and offers grew, we graduated to the ultimate organizational tool for all of our systems, projects, and team communication
Home to thousands of pages of client copy and internal projects
This smart spreadsheet holds all of our launch data, student feedback, and product information
The email service provider we use to maximize our email marketing strategy
The easiest way to sell products, set up scholarship & discount opportunities, and include affiliate marketers
Allows us to deliver seamless and accessible education to all of our students
The fool-proof design tool for a consistent and beautiful brand
Automate hundreds of manual tasks to free up you and your team to do what you do best
Eliminates the guesswork with easy-to-use, fully customizable, professionally designed templates for anything an online marketer could ever need
The financial education every entrepreneur needs
The most intuitive and effective quiz builder to maximize your lead gen and segmenting strategy
Meetings in sweatpants. Enough said
Scheduling made simple
My go-to plug-in for any and all verbal processing, filming educational content, screen sharing, and eliminating unnecessary meetings
The easiest tool for visual funnel mapping

Favorite Books

Heads up: those aren’t affiliate links, Bezos is doing just fine without our help.
Instead, we’re sending you to our favorite local, Black-owned bookstore.

by Gino Wickman
by Anne Handley
by Stephen King
by Anne Lamott
by Autumn Tompkins
by Brene Brown

The Shortcut Shop

Just need to cut the line and grab a template & training to go…fast? Head on over to The Shortcut Shop and browse around. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let me know what you need and we can point you in the right direction.

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