Bring all the RIGHT people to the yard AND top
your last “momma, we made it!” launch

(Without sounding like every 3rd coach on your feed, or like your student should sign away their soul & left knee cap to get results)

**Snark & Sarcasm Optional. (BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)**

…Or if you just want them to avoid that overpromise & underdeliver course PTSD altogether. And have your name echoing inside of all the Slack channels & mailing lists far and wide…

With a strategy that optimizes your brilliance without sacrificing your integrity — you’ve come to the right place!

With the right message, you can change the world. But you can’t make a big splash if people aren’t picking up what you’re putting down. *(Cue the Johnathan Van Ness hair flip.)

I’ve helped dozens of online business owners get out of the muddy “why is this product so awesome?” waters, get crystal clear on their *actual* voice and the *real* message behind the message…
And airdrop their head-nodding words directly into their people’s hearts. (All while raking in millions of dollars.)
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“When Brittany rewrote my sales page, my conversion rate jumped from 5% to a whopping 14%!

The first launch I had after using her new sales page was my first multiple six-figure launch ever. Now, a year later, my sales page is converting at 18% and I just had my first million-dollar year! My business has grown at an astronomical rate and her copy was a huge reason for that.”

~ Karin Carr, YouTube Expert & Realtor

Here’s how — The Proven, Oh So Tasty McBean Launch Souffle:

RESEARCH: We put on our lab coats and put your people under the microscope to give you a fly on the wall perspective of what they want, need, and are begging for

STRATEGY: All that juicy data don’t mean squat if you can’t turn it into a strategy that calls them out and brings ’em in.

OPTIMIZE: Chances are, there’s an opportunity to adjust your offer to make it an absolute no-brainer for your people. I’ll show you how to do exactly that.

WRITE: Now we take all that hard work and turn your strategy into a message and your message into words. Not just any words, but words that peer right into the soul of your reader crafted and arranged for max persuasion and conversion.

LAUNCH: All systems are a go and you’re ready to plug in a start to finish launch funnel so you can focus your launch efforts on the things your future students need from you the most. Plain and simple:


We uncover EXACTLY what your perfect student is wanting, needing, and actively asking for


We optimize your offer so it meets them right where they are and becomes the EXACT thing they need


Then we carefully craft the copy that says “Here, I made you this thing you wanted.”

THEN THEY BUY. And quite frankly, when it comes to that,
we’re the best in the west.

“When Brittany re-wrote our Accelerator sales page we saw a HUGE jump in applications.

But even more importantly than that, we saw a big increase in the number of students joining. And even more importantly than that was the quality of the new students we were inviting into the program. These students were more aligned in values, fit, business, and personality than the people I had been reaching before. The copy Brittany wrote really spoke to the right person at the right time which not only increased our bottom line (over a million dollars in revenue last year with this program alone) but also the student success we were seeing inside our mastermind.

~ Rick Mulready