except launching your next offer is anything BUT passive…

Am I right??

And when you’re obsessed with making sure you connect with your people, so learning from you feels like a casual hang with good drinks in your living room—not accidentally watching a sex scene with your parents…

You need a data-informed strategy, nuanced messaging, & copy that sounds like you (not some “can’t relate” template passed around the internet like your ex’s Netflix password).

*cough cough*
Step into your best life
*cough cough*

But when you’re in charge of the research, development, delivery, and management of your copy…

Writing a 20-email launch sequence or a 4,000-word sales page falls into the same category as cleaning your baseboards or filing your taxes: you know it has to be done, you know you’ll be relieved once it’s finished, but you kinda…don’t want to do it yourself.

“How does so-and-so do all of this?”

“Whose kidney do I have to sell to get help around here?”

“When is launching ever going to feel easy peezy, lemon fucking squeezy?”

“So and so gets it all done because they have a team of six people — two of those are copywriters.”

Hopefully, you won’t have to do any black market deals just to work with someone who gets it, gets you, and gets what it takes to have your peeps put their butts into proverbial seats.

You can keep lather, rinse, repeating your last launch over and over again…BUT if the strategy isn’t backed by research, and the copy isn’t intentionally crafted for conversation, connection, and conversion…that’ll also mean there’s a cap to how much you’ll earn, a cap on how many people you can serve, and ceiling on how much you can do yourself before you collapse onto your couch in Cheeto-streaked tears.

Our application page for Beta to Biggie converted at 28%!

~ Brandi Mowles


So I’m giving you permission to say:

“You know what? I’m the Big Vision Casting Creative Direction Steering head of this operation. Not the launch strategist or copywriter.” (It’s a shame the BVCCDS didn’t catch on. It’s so much cooler than “CEO.”)

Because, you’ve already spent hours…months…years building up your brand, your authority, and your offers. Now it’s time to focus in on your return on

  • Effort
  • Time
  • Expertise
  • Impact
  • Investment
  • Creativity

And that means confidently going all-in on research-based, psychology-informed, strategically crafted messaging that compels, not manipulates.

So you can deliver that fly-on-the-wall copy that makes them check their room for a hidden camera because you gave them that, oh so essential, “get out of my head!” moment, while emphatically smashing that “Buy” button.

SO…What’s it like to work
with the Bean Team??

SO…What’s it like to work with the Bean Team??

While our ad campaigns are still brand new, we have already received 5 new leads for a $50k/year service. This is exciting for us because we haven’t run ads for the 5+ years we’ve been in business. I got one lead while I was in a swimming pool watching monkeys in Costa Rica. That is really neat.”


In other words, I’m gonna write that money-making magical shit for you—so that you can use that time to refine your program, steer your team, play Uno with the fam, or binge Schitt’s Creek with a pint of Halo Top (I recommend the Oatmeal Cookie…it’s better than it sounds).

We’re made for
each other if…

You’re launching a course, a coaching program, or a membership.

That’s my happy place—helping online educators, coaches & creators scale their high-ticket offers & take their business to new heights. (And by “launching” I don’t just mean the live webinar > 5 day cart open > doors closing situation. Building out an evergreen funnel is still launching. It’s all about the messaging, not the mechanics, baby.)


and increase conversions through connection, not manipulation.

This isn’t your first rodeo.

You’ve already validated the hell out of that offer and now want to 10x your next launch. Or you’re taking your last launch and turning it evergreen, or turning your course into a membership, or membership into a course…Either way, you’ve experienced the ins and outs of a launch, and you’ve got the case studies (and software hook up) to prove it.

You’ve been writing your own copy but you’re over it.

Hand that piece off to someone else who wrangles words all day long. All you have to do is chat with me for a bit, and then I’ll write copy that sounds exactly like you AND helps you rake in the cash. It’s my superpower. (Unlike making phone calls, is it just me or is calling for takeout terrifying??)


Your copy’s full of words you’ve never said in your life. (Like, your kids are “stinkin’ cute”? Or talk about how “blessed you are in this season of life?” 🙄 ) Or it’s just plain old NOT converting. If your words aren’t making you money, it’s time to write some new ones.


Sure, spending 5-figures isn’t always a no-brainer decision when you have employees to pay and a business to grow. But if the funnel that costs 5-figures generates 7-figures+ a year…well, I’m no mathematician, but I think those numbers check out.


Our readers are smarter, more jaded, and more overwhelmed than ever. And quite frankly, they deserve a strategy that respects their intelligence and their autonomy. FOMO, adrenaline fuelled buying decisions that lead to morning-after buying hangovers is a thing of the past. When your message connects on a deep and personal level, your conversion rates AND your success stories go way way up.


But also a little burned out from high anxiety launches and always testing out the next. big. thing (Spoiler: there is no next big thing. There’s only more research, better messaging, and more connection.) You’re ready to sit back and actually enjoy the rewards of putting your blood, sweat, and money into building a wildly impactful offer.



This is where I get my British procedural on and play detective. I’m gonna uncover what your target audience really wants (hint: it’s not to live their best life), what they really value (it’s more than just time or money), what they’re really struggling with (it’s so much more than overwhelm) and how they talk about it when they don’t think anyone’s listening (they’re not asking to get unstuck)…

Through our signature, in-depth, data gathering process we’re able to take all of the external research (your audience) & internal research (your offer, your brand, your voice, and your values), and mash them together to craft one clear, cohesive, and complex journey from the moment they meet you all the way through to their big old transformation with you.


We’re talking both message & mechanics. The data that we gather in the research phase will give us everything we need to nail down exactly what your people will experience (the message) and how they’ll experience it (the mechanics).

Not only will we clarify the different messages going on at each point in the funnel (like what you’re saying 12 weeks out, to the content in your webinar, to the core persuasive arguments on the sales page), but we’ll also map out every last piece of copy (like how many pre-launch, launch, and post-launch emails you’ll send, landing pages, FB ads, the works).

We don’t write a word of copy until you give the strategy a big old thumbs up, to make sure we’re aligned and there are no surprises.


Anyone can write a bunch of sexy words that make people race to that “Buy” button. But at the end of the day, the important part isn’t what we’re promising, but what we’re DELIVERING. (Plain and simple, this is the step that keeps us ethical.)

Chances are, once we uncover the data, we’re gonna learn some surprising thing about where your people are in this very moment (‘cause it’s not 2019 anymore and the world has shifted). And serving people where they are means figuring out how to craft the exact offer they want AND need to experience the promised transformation in their specific context.

So we take a look at the research and use it to optimize the hell outta your offer based on what your people are telling us. Whether it’s adding a strategic bonus, more resources, maximizing the Quickest Viable Win, or removing steps that create confusion, not transformation… We’re going to give your STUDENTS exactly what they are actively wanting and needing to make those powerful changes you’re offering.


And finally, the main event. You sit back & relax with a warm latte while I hole up in my office and use all of that data to furiously write your big ass launch package from start to finish.

The end result? Personality-packed, value-aligned persuasive-as-hell copy that makes your previous conversions develop an inferiority complex—and sounds so much like you that even your mama will think you wrote it.

You’ll walk away with the whole package, everything from the invite emails to segment & build your leads list, to registration landing pages, to that big ass sales page that closes the deal, to the fafillion launch emails you need, to the social proof-stacked check out page, to cold, warm, & retargeting FB & IG ads, to your first few onboarding emails.*

*Every project is custom quoted and we make sure to leave room for whatever deliverables your unique launch or funnel might need once we finalize the strategy.


The ads run. The emails drip. The sales page sales. The checkout cart seals the deal. “Buy” buttons are smashed left and right. And the crowd goes willllld. (And all without any last-minute “oh shit, we forgot that thing!” because you had all the copy three weeks before you even needed to install it.)

Cue the cash register sound.

And while the launch is happening, you’ll have me on speed dial. Need to change up some subject lines, address a surprise objection, add a Q to your FAQs? I’ll start typing as soon as you say the word.

Launch copy starts at $15k

Almost McBean-ster… but I’ve got a few Q’s first?

How long is the process & how early should I book?

Adult Diapers: It depends! We have a unique and independent process for delivering launch copy, individual sales pages, quizzes, and websites. Whatever it is that you’re needing, every step of the way has already been charted out for you.

I recommend starting your launch project at least 13 weeks before your launch date so that you have everything in your hands and ready for install and testing weeks before your cart opens.

The truth is, there are a lot of moving parts to your launch…your designer will need some breathing room, you’ll need time to install all the things and do all the tests, ads gotta run early…and we don’t want to be the reason you & your team are frantically trying to zap everything together at 4 am the night before cart open.

Sales Pages, and Websites take weeks from start to finish.

We typically book out 6-8 weeks in advance so we recommend reaching out sooner rather than later.

Do you have payment plans?

Hell yeah we do. We know that a 4 or 5-figure investment is no small potatoes, especially if it comes out of your pocket before you’ve had a chance to launch your offer into the world. We offer a number of payment plans, some extending beyond the length of the project so that you can choose the investment that works for your goals.

Can you just write without the research so I can have it next week?

Hello. Thank you for this wonderful question. No.

When the focus is conversion, the research process is non-negotiable. Without it, we’re just pulling assumptions out of our ass and making some educated guesses that will take a lot of testing to validate. Trust me on this one…you will make more with this process than you will save without it.

But even more importantly than that, it’s how we can sleep at night knowing that we’re putting ethical and honest messaging out into the world. We use the data to optimize your offer and then write the copy that tells the right person we’re offering exactly what they need. If we’re not truly delivering what they want and need, we’re just pulling a bait and switch. And that’s a no for me, dawg.

BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t freshen up, optimize, and write the hell outta some good copy for your business with a super speedy turnaround. That’s exactly what Done In a Day copy is for. Need some lightning-fast copy? I’ve got you covered!

How do I know if you’re right for me?

Step 1: Ask yourself, “am I an asshole?” if the answer is, “no.” Then we’re going to get along just fine!

(But also, if you’re a ball of happiness and rainbows 100% of the time, I may not be for you. My personality is best described as “I didn’t get enough sleep, but I’m here to party anyway.” Basically, if sweatpants were a person…)

In all seriousness, being a copywriter comes with a lot of responsibility: I’m not only responsible for making people (your readers) spend their money, but also making people (you) a lot of money.

I only write copy that speaks directly & specifically to the people who want, need, and can afford your offer (not just the words that sell at all cost).

I also don’t want to help people make money who are actively causing harm in the world. So, if you don’t believe Black lives matter, that marketing needs to help not harm, and are at least willing to actively use your platform to build up, magnify, and support historically and systemically marginalized people…then I’m not interested in lining your pocket with cash.

Do you write {insert that unique piece of copy you need} for {insert your uniquely cool industry}?

Magic 8 Ball says, “Signs Point to Yes!” when it comes to making money online through your expertise (without the ick-factor and old school manipulation tricks), it’s our time to shine.

Whether it’s a:

Sales Page

Signature Quiz

Full-on launch

Big ass evergreen funnel, small ass evergreen funnel, SLO funnel, LMNOP funnel

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Email sequence

Or an industry-disrupting website…

We’ve done it all (and have the conversion rates to show for it).

Chances are if you sell your expertise online and you want copy that oozes persuasive personality…we’ve got what you need.

Ready to put in a fraction of the work—and still shatter your previous launch numbers?

Case Study

See how Brittany McBean helped Gloria Chou drive a 50% increase in sales page conversions.